About This Station

KPARENFR1 is powered by an Davis Instruments VUE weather station. KPARENFR1 is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gauge, and a thermo-hydro sensor. There is also a Dallas 1-Wire LD4-R1-A lightning detector that can record intercloud and cloud to ground lightning strikes within a 200 mile radius. The station is mounted approximately 15 feet above a pool deck at 40.81137, -80.00258 (elevation 1206 feet). The current station was placed in service in April 2018 after a wind storm destroyed the transmitter of an Oregon Scientific WMR300a weather station.. Raw data is collected every 10 seconds and this site is updated every 5 minutes. An electrically isolated computer system with battery backup running Weather Display Software manages 24 hour collection, recording and ftp functions. Data is also provided to Weather Underground, WeatherBug, CWOP (Citizens Weather Observation Program), and Ham Weather Net. Visual observations are reported to the National Weather Service via the Skywarn system in Pittsburgh. Weather information has been uploaded daily since February 2004, and this site began updating in April 2008.

Recent Changes

In July 2020, April 2018, February 2012, and February 2023 butlercountyweather.com underwent complete rewrites. The Carterlake/Ajax/PHP template was upgraded to V3, as V2 support was dropped. Local radar was changed to GR3level3 local feeds from the NWS, the local lightning page was rewritten, and Strikestar was added to the main menu. All feeds should be completely automatic and working as of February 15.

Webcam images and time lapse videos were added in April 2012. The webcam uses an Olympus C-740 camera operated by remote control, using Erdman Systems VM95 software. The camera is housed in an outdoor enclosure which has a heater and blower for temperature extremes. Images are uploaded hourly 24X7, and uploaded every two minutes for the time lapse video. Time lapse compilation courtesy Weather Underground www.wunderground.com.

About Renfrew and Butler County

Renfrew is a small unincorporated village on the Connoquenessing Creek in Penn and Forward Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, United States. It was founded by David A. Renfrew in 1882 on his farm. Once a thriving oil town, only the Methodist church is still active. The general store and the gas station have long been closed. In September of 2004, Renfrew experienced massive flooding do to rainfall caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ivan. The Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad runs materials to and from the AK Steel mill in Butler through Renfrew along Railroad St. Once used by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, it was at one time a thriving railway that would travel to Pittsburgh.

Butler County was created on March 12, 1800 from part of Allegheny County and named in honor of General Richard Butler. Its county seat is Butler. Jack Cohen, the Executive Director of Tourism for Butler County, was named the 2007 Hard Rock International Ambassador of Rock and Roll (see www.visitbutlercounty.com).

Butler County is part of the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2000 census, the population was 174,083.The city of Butler was named for Maj. Gen. Richard Butler, who fell at the Battle of the Wabash, also known as St. Clair's Defeat, in western Ohio in 1791. The first settlers were of Irish or Scottish descent and were driving westward from Connecticut. In 1802 the German immigrants began arriving, with Detmar Basse settling in Jackson Township in 1802 and founding Zelienople the following year. After George Rapp arrived in 1805 and founded Harmony, larger numbers of settlers followed. John A. Roebling settled Saxonburg in 1832, by which time all counties were filled with German settlers.

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